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Are you Struggling with

your motivation to

workout & eat properly

during quarantine...

you're not alone!

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What is quarantine LEAN?


It's our personal nutrition coaching program, and its tailored to your goals and your needs! We developed it because we wanted to make sure our members could get the coaching, support and results they needed, especially during these uncertain times. To make it fun... we decided to start a CHALLENGE where the winner takes home a $500 prize. That's right... $500 bucks!


Okay, but how does it work?

The challenge is simple. Join the program by starting your FREE 7 day trial. Book your initial consultation. Test out the app and complete the daily action plans for the week. If you are enjoying your program, and want to continue, do nothing, your first payment will be processed and you are in the challenge. If the program is not for you, simply cancel and your card will never be charged.