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Athletic Girl

Are you Struggling with

your motivation to

workout & eat properly

during quarantine...

you're not alone!

join the Quarantine lean Challenge

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for your

Free Nutrition  Consultation

 Limited space available!


What is quarantine LEAN?


It's our personal nutrition coaching program, and its tailored to your goals and your needs! We developed it because we wanted to make sure our members could get the coaching, support and results they needed, especially during these uncertain times. To make it fun... we decided to start a CHALLENGE where the winner takes home a $500 prize. That's right... $500 bucks!


Okay, but how does it work?

The challenge is simple. Join the program by starting your FREE 7 day trial. Book your initial consultation. Test out the app and complete the daily action plans for the week. If you are enjoying your program, and want to continue, do nothing, your first payment will be processed and you are in the challenge. If the program is not for you, simply cancel and your card will never be charged.




















Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

100% money back guarantee!

so how do i win?

Accountability is a huge part of what makes our program work! Participants are required to send bi-weekly progress photos and measurements to their coach. After 90 days, you submit your success story. We ask participants to construct a small wright-up, a look back at their experiences and their journey over their last 90 days in the program and submit it, along with their before and after photos and measurements. The winner will be crowned and walk away with a $500 Weightlifting LAB gift card!


Use Code:LEAN50

ONLY 7 spots available!

and save


Initial Consultation

After payment you will book your initial consultation. You will then receive our personal consultation package. Simply fill out the questions and hit submit. We will get busy reviewing your answers and creating your custom coaching program!

goal setting & nutritional action plan

After your initial consultation, we will set goals, go through your program with you step by step, and outline your bi-weekly follow up appointments. These appointments include progress reports, trouble shooting and support as well as nutrition lessons to ensure your seeing results but also learning what you need to do to maintain your results moving forward.


The goals are set, you know the plan, now... we take action! Simply follow your personal plan in our Pro Coach app. Check in and complete your daily lesson and that's it... It's that easy to change your life for the better! Armed with your Personal macro nutrient guide and our Pro Coach app, get ready to look amazing & feel confident!


Do you feel like no one cares? Like no one is hearing you... like no one understands... 

Lack of support is one of the main reasons people fail in their health and fitness goals.

And that is why we offer  in app communication & support. Text and chat directly with your coach while receiving tips and tricks to maximize your results as you go.

It's like you've got your coach in your pocket at all times!

To boost your results


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