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an exclusive  Personal Training Experience



Our mission is to put the personal, back in personal training. Whether you're interested in our online training or nutrition options, or you would like to train at the LAB in person, we strive to always help you look and feel your best! Your drive and determination, combined with our training and support creates unique partnerships capable of smashing through barriers, while empowering you to your goals. We specialize in helping busy people achieve sustainable weight loss, and teaching them how to maintain their results for the long term. 

How do we do it... simple! When you train at the LAB, you train with a purpose... to get to YOUR goals. We build every individual client a customized training program for their individual needs. We believe the program should work for you, not that you should have to work around the program. That is why we are here to support and coach you, every step of the way! 

If you want to get to your goals in the safest,  fastest and most effective way possible, step into the LAB. After all, what is more important than your physical, emotional and mental well being?


meet the team

Head Coach & Trainer:

Mat Sawyer

My passion is for teaching people to become the person that they dream of being! Don't just wish you looked amazing in that bikini, don't just wish you had the energy to play more with your kids, don't just wish you could win that weightlifting competition... Let's do it! 

Coach & Yoga Instructor: Krysten Hills

Experienced and passionate wellness coach and yoga instructor. My goal is to empower busy women to carve out a little THEM time and shed the weight both physically and mentally, kids in tow, if and when required.


Latest Video

“I have been training with The Weightlifting LAB for over a year and throughout that year I lost 30 lbs & gained muscle. The LAB's programs are structured, easy to follow & gave me the results I've always wanted. After training with Mat, I can honestly say I have been in the best shape of my life.”

Ron McBrine

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